The Worst Pucking Deal

Where the ice rink's chilling embrace meets the dangerous underbelly of the mafia, that's where The Worst Pucking Deal is struck. Are you ready for the puck to drop?

As the PR mastermind for the Minneapolis Sabertooths, I'm no stranger to spinning narratives and shaping images.

Managing crises is my forte, except the one I'm born into—a Mafia family where ties are chains. The clock on my freedom is running out, and the only way out is through death or marriage.

Enter Sawyer Perry; on the ice, he's the team's golden boy. Off it, his troublemaking ways are a liability.

When he can't be tamed with fines or threats, the General Manager throws me a curveball—Sawyer is to be my fake boyfriend, a role designed to divert media attention and improve his reckless reputation.

Now we must embrace the limelight as the league's hottest couple. But it's not enough to earn my freedom, and I need to make a deal of my own with Sawyer.

*Note: Sawyer Perry is a dark and morally gray antihero who isn't afraid to take full advantage of Lucia Russo's weaknesses.