The Drákon Legacy

I'm ready to claim my spot in the Kronos Society.

After 4 years of playing my family's deadly games, I've proven my worth. I'm ready to enter the next phase of my training at Kronos University, where I fight for my rightful spot in the prestigious secret society I was born into.

Survival is the name of the game, but I've got more than just my wits to rely on—there's Gus, my adopted cousin, and Liam, the boy I saved. And then there's the hot, mysterious professor who's got my head spinning.

In this world of power and deceit, trust is a luxury I can't afford. Everyone's a potential enemy, especially with someone gunning for my men and my freedom.

But I'm Acacia Drákon—born to lead, born to fight. And I won't back down from anyone.

The Drákon Legacy is a complete dark contemporary romance series from B. Lybaek. Prepare for thrills in and out of the classroom, and between the sheets with three hot, loyal, and passionate men and a heroine who refuses to play by the rules of her family. This set contains all four books in the series: Protégé, Heir, Leader, and Ruler.

The Drakon Lecacy Series

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