I am Acacia Drákon, and the blood of a Dragon runs through my veins.

At least, that's the myth at Kronos University. A place so elite it makes the Ivy League look like a joke.

There, I fight for my survival, and my place in the elusive Kronos Society, all while receiving a world-class education—aren't I lucky?

Within the world of grueling training and extravagant galas, it's hard to know who's friend, and who's foe.

If it weren't for my two consorts—my adopted cousin Gus and Liam, the boy I saved years ago—I would lose my mind. Especially as I meet my sexy mythology professor, who I'm not sure I can trust.

I was born to lead, and I refuse to hide from anyone.

Trigger Warning

This is a contemporary dark #whychoose romance series, meaning the FMC will have more than one love interest. Within this book, you will encounter taboo/forbidden themes, abduction, blood-play, dub-con, age-gap, student/teacher relationship. If any of these subjects are upsetting or triggering for you, please don't read the book.

The Drakon Lecacy Series

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