Wanted by a King


Grayson Black needs to pay.

He deserved the bullet, but it wasn't enough to keep him away, and now he has a firmer grip on me than ever.

I won't make things easy for him, though. I won't let him use me anymore. And if he tries to force me at gunpoint again, he better be ready to pull the damn trigger.

I refuse to believe he can be anything but the ruthless dick that forced me to my knees, and stories of his troubled past and moments of tender touches won't make me cave.

I've had everything taken away from me, so I have nothing left to lose. I'll go head to head with him, and I won't stop until he's paid for everything he's done to me.

I'll make him regret ever laying eyes on me, even if it kills me.


I've never wanted anyone like I do Zoe Miller.

In fact, the only thing I want more is for her to want me back.

With the looming threat of the Cali Reapers constantly hanging over the club, I have to reveal the truth to Zoe.

She won't like the secrets I've kept. Tough shit. I don't care about forgiveness or redemption, only that she finally accepts that she's mine.

I'm a selfish dick, and when I want something, I get it, even if it puts up a fight. So she can shoot me, cut me, punch me, and even try to run from me, but there's nothing on this earth that will keep me from having her.

Zoe Miller is mine, and it's about time she accepts it.

Trigger warning

Please note this is book 2 of 3 in a dark MC contemporary romance series. The book ends on a cliffhanger, and contains a swoon-worthy, alphahole MMC who won't let anyone—not even h—stop him from being with her.