Tempted by a King

"I have toys bigger than your..."

I hate Grayson Black!

He calls me Princess, like it's an insult.

He blackmails me into letting him do what he wants to my body.

I hate him.

But mostly, I hate the way I'm starting to enjoy it.

He's a monster though. The worst kind. And when my world falls apart and my dad betrays the Cruz Kings MC, I'm left behind to suffer.

I'm not used to being in this world, and I have no idea how I'm ever going to survive.

"One hundred bucks says I can get her on her knees and..."

It all starts with a bet.

Knocking the stuck up princess off her high horse is an entertaining way to pass the time while I watch over her dad, making sure he's doing the job we are paying him for.

It's always amusing to see the flush in her cheeks and how she tries to fight how her body responds to me. I can see how much she hates me, yet one touch, even while she sleeps, sets her alight.

Unfortunately for Zoe Miller, our worlds are now tangled together, and if she thinks the devastation that has broken her heart will make me go easy on her, she'd better think again!

Trigger warning

Please note this is book 1 of 3 in a dark MC contemporary romance series. The book ends on a cliffhanger, and contains a swoon-worthy, alphahole MMC.

Somnophilia - enjoying having sex with sleeping or unconscious partner, often fuelled by not having their consent, or getting caught if they wake up.

Dormaphilia - getting aroused and/or enjoying being the sleeping/unconscious recipient of a somnophilic experience.




Morally gray MMC