Claimed by a King


They tell me that Grayson Black is dead.

Never could I have imagined this sort of hell. I want it to end, yet something inside me refuses to give up.

The days in captivity turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months.

As time passes, it becomes excruciatingly clear that the girl I once was is long gone. Buried in a shallow grave created from the horror and trauma that's etched into my skin.

Who knows which version of me the Kings will find if I ever see them again? And will they even come for me now that they no longer have a VP who's obsessed with me?

The time I've spent hating Gray seems wasted now. If only I could turn back time and appreciate what I had before the Reapers do me a favor by ending my suffering at the Devil's Night Brawl.


My princess is gone, taken by an old enemy.

The club has been crippled, leaving me in charge, yet all I want to do is spend every waking minute burning down this entire fucking planet until I find Zoe.

After months without her, the first sign that she's still on this fucking earth is too sickening to consider luck.

When I get my hands on whoever has taken her, they're going to wish they were never born. I'll make them regret ever touching what's mine.

Hang in there, Princess. I'm coming for you!

Trigger warning

Please note this is book 3 of 3 in a dark MC contemporary romance series. The book ends with a HEA, and contains a swoon-worthy, alphahole MMC.