The Cruz Kings

Making The King

I said “I do” to Rocco King at gunpoint.

My wedding was forged in darkness, and at the end of the ceremony, my hands were stained red by the blood of my dad.

I didn't regret my decision when the police took me into custody, or when I was given a prison sentence for my patricide.

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Tempted by a King

"I have toys bigger than your..."

I hate Grayson Black!

He calls me Princess, like it's an insult.

He blackmails me into letting him do what he wants to my body.

I hate him.

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Wanted by a King

Grayson Black needs to pay.

He deserved the bullet, but it wasn't enough to keep him away, and now he has a firmer grip on me than ever.

I won't make things easy for him, though. I won't let him use me anymore. And if he tries to force me at gunpoint again, he better be ready to pull the damn trigger.

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Claimed by a King

They tell me that Grayson Black is dead.

Never could I have imagined this sort of hell. I want it to end, yet something inside me refuses to give up.

The days in captivity turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months.

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