Beautiful Chances


Even all the riches I've been selling my body to collect can't change how bleak my world now feels.

The first man outside my family I loved—the one who gave me a home and kept me safe—is gone. Wrenched from my world by the callous actions of a madman.

A man that's now chained in the basement.

I'm no longer attempting to hide from the darkness. I sleep in it. Literally and figuratively, as I do my best to keep breathing, not letting my heartache and anger drown me.

My men aren't merely standing at my side. They're each doing their best to help me work through my loss as I feel myself crumble. Coen, Kas, and Alec might have different coping techniques, but one thing is clear; all they want is for me to be safe, happy and loved.

I am safe, though. Aren't I? After all, we chained my stalker to a wall, right? But... If that's the case, who's sending me disturbing pictures and presents?

Trigger Warning

Beautiful Chances is the third and final book in the Dancing with Desire series, and the characters will eventually get their happy ending.

Please note because of explicit content and foul language, it's recommended for readers ages 18+ only.

This is a Why Choose dark contemporary romance that contains subjects such as stalker, obsessive behavior, death, abduction, mental & physical torture.

If you find dark subjects triggering, maybe this isn't the read for you.

The Dancing With Desire Series

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