About Bibi

Bibi is a dark romance author who is addicted to coffee, Piña coladas, and chocolate... all the beautiful things that make life go around.

She loves talking about herself in third person, it makes her feel special.

She lives in the North East of England, in a small town no one has ever heard of. Her household (herself and her boyfriend of 10 years) is ruled by their feline mistress who puts the 'tude in Tortitude.

Bibi recently changed her pen name from Ren Blakely to B. Lybaek. A pure vanity move as she wanted to see her real name on her books #NamesMatters.

You can find Bibi all over the internet.. probably procrastinating from writing her dark romance books - all of which have swoon-worthy anti-heroes, and a strong woman to tame bring them to their knees.